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John Cassimus opened the first Zoës Kitchen restaurant in October 1995. By March 2015, there were already 171 restaurants in 17 states – and the chain is growing! The headquarters are in Plano, Texas although the menu doesn't appear to have a single drop of Texas cuisine. This isn't surprising as the chain's focus is on Mediterranean-inspired food.

The Zoes Kitchen prices are still reasonable despite their higher range because of the high quality of its Greek-inspired fare, great atmosphere, and efficient service. The menu's limited nature works well for its target customers, too, since the food quality can be maintained even with a full restaurant.

The Greek-influenced menu includes several varieties of pasta salad and chicken salad, grilled chicken sandwiches and pitas, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. There are also kebabs with steaks, salmon and chicken varieties; wraps with spinach, steaks and chicken; and hummus-based dishes. The beverages include self-serve style fountain drinks, juices, milk, and hot tea as well as bottled beverages.

Below are the latest Zoes Kitchen menu prices.

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Item Price


Mediterranean Lamb Kafta $5.99
Mediterranean Baked Feta $7.39
Hummus Basil Pesto $5.49
Hummus Harissa Red Pepper $5.49
Hummus Classic $4.99
Hummus Trio $6.99


Live Med Salad $7.99
Greed Salad $7.89
Tossed Greek Salad $9.19
Quinoa Salad $7.99
Orzo "Tabouli"Salad $7.89
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate $8.89
Hummus & Salad Plate $7.29

Add Your Choice Of Protein To Any Salad:

Grilled Chicken $2.19
Two Chicken Kabobs $4.39
Three Shrimp Kabobs $5.09
Two Steak Kabobs $6.29
Two Salmon Kabobs $6.79


Chicken & Orzo Soup (Cup) $3.39
Chicken & Orzo Soup (Bowl) $5.19
Chicken & Orzo Soup (Quart) $10.09
Tomato Bisque Soup (Cup) $3.39
Tomato Bisque Soup (Bowl) $5.19
Tomato Bisque Soup (Quart) $10.09
Mediterranean Lentil Soup (Cup) $3.39
Mediterranean Lentil Soup (Bowl) $5.19
Mediterranean Lentil Soup (Quart) $10.09


Harissa Salmon Pita $10.59
Rustic Lamb Pita $9.89
Greek Chicken Pita $8.29
Spinach & Mushroom Piadina $8.19
Grüben $7.99
Turkey Stack $7.99
Steak Stack $8.49
Chicken Salad Sandwich $7.69
Pick Two: Choose half sandwich, bowl of soup or side Greek salad (excludes pitas and piadinas). $7.99

Fresh Sides

Braised White Beans $2.29
Seasonal Fresh Fruit $2.29
Roasted Vegetables $2.29
Potato Salad $2.29
Rice Pilaf $2.29
Pasta Salad $2.29
Marinated Slaw $2.29
Side Greek Salad $3.79
Side Greek Salad: If substituted as a side for sandwich, pitas or roll-ups (ADD) $1.69
Pita Chips $1.29
Chips $0.99

Bowls & Entrées


Moroccan Harissa | Italian Salsa Verde | Israeli Skhug | Greek Tzatziki

Cauliflower Rice Bowls (No Protein) $8.59
Cauliflower Rice Bowls (Chicken) $9.89
Cauliflower Rice Bowls (Lamb Pita) $10.99
Cauliflower Rice Bowls (Harissa Salmon) $12.59
Power Grain Bowl (No Protein) $8.59
Power Grain Bowl (Chicken) $9.89
Power Grain Bowl (Lamb Pita) $10.99
Power Grain Bowl (Harissa Salmon) $12.59
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl (No Protein) $8.59
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl (Chicken) $9.89
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl (Lamb Pita) $10.99
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl (Harissa Salmon) $12.59
Mediterranean Chicken $9.39
Spinach Roll-Ups $7.79
Spinach Roll-Ups (With Grilled Chicken) $8.98
Chicken Roll-Ups $8.09
Steak Roll-Ups $9.29
Chicken Orzo Pomodorina $9.39


Chicken Kabobs $9.49
Steak Kabobs $12.09
Shrimp Kabobs $10.39
Veggie Kabobs $9.09
Salmon Kabobs $12.49
Add additional sauce (Each) $0.29

Snack Boxes

Hummus Dup]o & Veggies $5.49
Balanced Bites $5.99
Modern Mediterranean $6.49


Fresh-Squeezed Limeade $2.49
Soda (Regular) $1.79
Soda (Large) $2.59
Watter (Bottle) $1.79
Juices $1.79
Milk $1.79
Tea (Sweetened or unsweetened or hibiscus) $1.79
Reusable Sports Cup (32 oz.) $2.79
Reusable Sports Cup (32 oz.) - Refills $0.99
Beer & Wine (Market Price) $0.00

Live Med Kids

Kid Entrées

Ham & Cheese Pladina (Per Child) $4.99
Pizza Piadina (Per Child) $4.99
Grilled Chicken Fingers (Per Child) $3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich (Per Child) $3.99
Pasta Bowl (Per Child) $4.99
Salmon Kabob (Per Child) $5.99
Shrimp Kabob (Per Child) $5.99

Kid Sides

Ages 12 and under; choose one entrée and one side.

Greek Salad Additional (Per Child) $0.79
Hummus Additional (Per Child) $0.39

Pick One Side

Roasted Veggies (Per Child) $0.00
Rice Pilaf (Per Child) $0.00
Pesto Farro (Per Child) $0.00
Fruit Cup (Per Child) $0.00
Chips (Per Child) $0.00

Mediterranean Family Meals

Small Family Meal

Serves 3-5

Chicken Or Veggie Kabobs (Serves 3-5) $29.99
Mediterranean Chicken (Serves 3-5) $29.99
Chicken Orzo Pomodorina (Serves 3-5) $29.99
Chicken Or Spinach Roll-Ups (Serves 3-5) $29.99

Large Family Meal

Serves 4-6

Greek Salad (Serves 4-6) $39.99
Half Pint of Hummus (Serves 4-6) $39.99
Pita Bread Or Cucumbers (Serves 4-6) $39.99
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