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Boiling Point Menu Prices

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On the Boiling Point menu, the most expensive item is BP Mutton Hot Soup, which costs $27.72. The cheapest item on the menu is Extra Chili Sauce, which costs $0.35. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $8.80.


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About Boiling Point

What are some popular hot pot options or broths at Boiling Point?

Boiling Point offers a variety of enticing hot pot options and flavorful broths all filled with an assortment of fresh ingredients to satisfy different taste preferences:

House Special Hot Soup

Boiling Point's signature hot pot broth, brimming with a harmonious blend of flavors, featuring tender meats, fresh vegetables, and a dash of secret spices.

Spicy Taiwanese Hot Soup

A fiery and bold broth, tantalizing taste buds with its kick of heat, perfect for those craving a zesty hot pot experience.

Japanese Miso Hot Soup

A savory and comforting hot pot broth, infused with umami-rich miso flavors, creating a delightful blend of traditional Japanese tastes.

Beef Hot Soup

A hearty and protein-packed hot pot option, featuring succulent beef slices and a variety of vegetables, a meat lover's delight.

Lamb Hot Soup

A flavorful and aromatic hot pot broth, highlighting tender lamb slices, providing a distinctive and savory twist to the hot pot adventure.

What type of cuisine does Boiling Point serve?

Boiling Point specializes in Taiwanese-style individual hot pot cuisine, providing a unique and interactive dining experience where each guest can create their personalized hot pot combination.

How does Boiling Point's hot pot work?

At Boiling Point, the hot pot experience involves diners selecting their preferred broth and ingredients from a diverse menu. The chosen ingredients are then brought to the table uncooked, and guests cook them directly in the boiling hot pot at their table, allowing for a fresh and customizable meal.

Where can I find a Boiling Point restaurant near me?

To locate a nearby Boiling Point restaurant, simply visit the official Boiling Point website or use a popular search engine with the query "Boiling Point restaurant near me." You'll be provided with a list of convenient locations, along with addresses and contact information.

Can I customize the ingredients in my hot pot at Boiling Point?

Absolutely! Boiling Point encourages customization, and guests have the freedom to choose their desired ingredients, including various meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles, to create a hot pot perfectly tailored to their liking.

Does Boiling Point offer any vegetarian or vegan hot pot options?

Yes, Boiling Point caters to vegetarian and vegan diners with a range of plant-based hot pot options, featuring delectable vegetable broths and an array of fresh vegetarian ingredients for a delightful meat-free experience.

Can I adjust the spice level of the hot pot at Boiling Point?

Definitely! Boiling Point understands that spice preferences vary, and they allow guests to adjust the spice level of their hot pot by selecting milder or spicier broths to suit individual tastes.

Are there any gluten-free options on the Boiling Point menu?

Boiling Point is committed to accommodating diverse dietary needs and provides gluten-free options on their menu. Guests can enjoy gluten-free broths and choose from a variety of ingredients suitable for gluten-sensitive individuals.

Can I make a reservation at Boiling Point?

Boiling Point typically operates on a first-come, first-served basis and does not accept reservations, ensuring that guests can enjoy their hot pot experience promptly upon arrival.

What are the restaurant hours for Boiling Point?

Restaurant hours may vary depending on the location, but generally, Boiling Point is open for lunch and dinner service. Most locations open around 11AM and close around 10PM.

Is there a kids' menu at Boiling Point?

Boiling Point offers a kids' menu thoughtfully designed for the younger diners, featuring child-friendly hot pot options with milder flavors and ingredients suitable for children.

Can I order Boiling Point hot pot for takeout or delivery?

Certainly! Boiling Point recognizes the convenience of takeout and delivery, and they often provide these options so you can enjoy their delectable hot pot in the comfort of your own home. Check with your local Boiling Point restaurant or use popular food delivery apps to place an order.

Are there any side dishes or appetizers available at Boiling Point?

Alongside their hot pot offerings, Boiling Point provides a selection of delightful side dishes and appetizers, such as crispy Popcorn Chicken, savory Fried Tofu, and fresh Seaweed Salad, to complement your hot pot experience.

Does Boiling Point offer any dessert options?

Although Boiling Point primarily focuses on their hot pot cuisine, they often offer some dessert options to satisfy your sweet cravings, with choices ranging from classic Asian desserts to refreshing fruit selections.

Who are Boiling Point's competitors?

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

A globally recognized hot pot chain known for its traditional Mongolian style hot pot featuring a wide array of fresh ingredients and flavorful broths.


An acclaimed Chinese hot pot restaurant chain renowned for its exceptional customer service, offering an extensive selection of premium ingredients and diverse soup bases.


A contemporary hot pot restaurant offering a fusion of Asian flavors and modern ambiance, providing a delightful dining experience for hot pot enthusiasts.

Shabu House

A popular shabu-shabu restaurant that serves Japanese-style hot pot, allowing diners to cook thinly sliced meat and fresh vegetables in a savory broth at their tables.

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