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On the CherryBerry menu, the most expensive item is Brownie Batter Edible Cookie Dough, which costs $9.99. The cheapest item on the menu is Chocolate Chips, which costs $1.20. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $3.56.


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About CherryBerry

What are some popular yogurt flavors or combinations at CherryBerry?

CherryBerry offers a wide selection of frozen yogurt flavors, and some popular choices among customers include:

Sweet Vanilla

A classic and smooth vanilla-flavored frozen yogurt that satisfies any sweet tooth.

Rich Chocolate

Indulge in the decadent delight of this creamy and intense chocolate-flavored frozen yogurt.

Country Vanilla

Experience the comforting taste of a traditional, old-fashioned vanilla frozen yogurt.

Cake Batter

Enjoy the nostalgic taste of cake batter in a creamy frozen yogurt form, reminiscent of baking days.

Classic Tart

A tangy and refreshing frozen yogurt with a delightful hint of tartness, perfect for those seeking a balanced and refreshing treat.

What are the store hours of CherryBerry locations?

The store hours of CherryBerry locations may vary depending on the specific store and its location. Generally, CherryBerry outlets operate from late morning around 11AM until 9 or 10PM.

Does CherryBerry have multiple locations?

Yes, CherryBerry has multiple locations across different states, making it easily accessible to frozen yogurt enthusiasts in various communities.

What flavors of frozen yogurt does CherryBerry offer?

CherryBerry boasts an impressive array of frozen yogurt flavors, which can include a mix of classic, fruity, and indulgent options. Some examples are Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry Sensation, Cake Batter, Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet, and Green Apple Tart.

Can I customize my frozen yogurt with toppings at CherryBerry?

Absolutely! One of the highlights of the CherryBerry experience is the chance to customize your frozen yogurt creation with an extensive selection of toppings. From fresh fruits, nuts, and candies to various syrups and sauces, the possibilities are endless for creating the perfect treat.

Does CherryBerry offer dairy-free or vegan frozen yogurt options?

Yes, CherryBerry understands the importance of catering to diverse dietary preferences and offers a range of dairy-free and vegan frozen yogurt options, allowing everyone to indulge in their favorite frozen treats.

Can I get a taste sample before choosing a frozen yogurt flavor?

CherryBerry encourages customers to sample flavors before making their final selection, ensuring they find the perfect taste to satisfy their cravings.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time yogurt flavors?

Yes, CherryBerry often introduces seasonal or limited-time flavors to celebrate special occasions or embrace the flavors of different seasons. Keep an eye out for unique offerings like Pumpkin Spice in the fall or refreshing Watermelon Sorbet in the summer.

How does the self-serve concept work at CherryBerry?

At CherryBerry, the self-serve concept allows customers to take control of their frozen yogurt experience. They can pick their desired flavors from the yogurt machines and then head to the toppings bar to customize their creation with as many toppings as they like. The final creation is then weighed, and customers pay based on the weight of their customized treat.

What are the typical prices for frozen yogurt at CherryBerry?

The pricing for frozen yogurt at CherryBerry is typically based on the weight of the final creation. Prices may vary slightly depending on the location, but generally, the cost of one yogurt serving is around $5 to $6.

Does CherryBerry offer loyalty or rewards programs?

CherryBerry values its loyal customers and may offer a rewards program to express their appreciation. Such programs may provide opportunities to earn points with each purchase, leading to discounts or free treats after reaching a certain point threshold.

Can I bring my own containers for frozen yogurt at CherryBerry?

For food safety reasons, CherryBerry typically requires customers to use the provided containers to ensure proper sanitation and portion control. However, you are welcome to pack your frozen yogurt in one of the shop's containers if you can't finish it all at once.

Can I request for extra toppings at CherryBerry?

Absolutely! CherryBerry encourages customers to create their ultimate frozen yogurt delight, so feel free to load up on extra toppings to your heart's content.

Does CherryBerry offer dairy-free or vegan toppings?

Yes, CherryBerry typically offers a selection of dairy-free or vegan toppings, ensuring that those with dietary restrictions or preferences can enjoy a fully customized frozen yogurt treat.

Can I purchase CherryBerry yogurt in larger containers?

CherryBerry mainly operates as a self-serve frozen yogurt shop, and purchasing larger containers of yogurt may not be a standard offering. The concept centers around customization and enjoying a fresh treat on-site.

Who are CherryBerry's top competitors?

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

A self-serve frozen yogurt chain offering a wide range of rotating flavors and an extensive toppings bar, catering to diverse taste preferences.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

A popular frozen yogurt franchise known for its ever-changing flavors, creative toppings, and customizable yogurt creations.


A self-serve frozen yogurt shop known for its rotating selection of flavors, including non-dairy and low-sugar options, providing a guilt-free indulgence.

Red Mango

A frozen yogurt chain offering tart and refreshing frozen yogurt flavors, along with smoothies and fresh fruit parfaits, promoting a healthier approach to dessert.

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