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About CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)

What are the most popular drinks at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)?

Taro Milk Tea 香芋奶茶

This drink is a nostalgic favorite, featuring taro-flavored milk tea that's rich and creamy. It's caffeine-free, making it a soothing choice. The subtle sweetness of taro pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the milk tea.

3 Guys 奶茶三兄弟

A signature milk tea that's extra special. It comes with pearls, pudding, and grass jelly for a delightful blend of textures and flavors. Note that additional toppings are not recommended for this drink, as it's already a flavorful combination.

Jasmine Milk Tea 茉香奶茶

Experience the elegance of jasmine-scented milk tea. This unique drink combines the rich creaminess of milk tea with the refreshing aroma of jasmine, creating a mellow and enjoyable taste.

Taro Milk Tea with Sago 香芋奶茶西谷米

For taro enthusiasts, this drink is a must-try. It's similar to the classic taro milk tea but with the addition of sago pearls. The sago adds a delightful chewy texture to the nostalgic taro flavor.

Mango Green Tea 芒果綠茶

Enjoy the tropical goodness of mango paired with the freshness of green tea. This drink offers a burst of mango flavor with a subtle green tea undertone. It's a refreshing and slightly tangy choice.

2 Ladies 双拼奶茶

The "2 Ladies" signature milk tea is a delightful combination of pearls and pudding. It's a perfect blend of creamy and chewy textures, and you can add a maximum of one additional topping to enhance your experience.

CoCo Milk Tea 原味奶茶

CoCo's signature milk tea is a classic choice, known for its exceptional taste. It's a must-try for anyone new to CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. Expect a well-balanced milk tea experience.

Panda Milk Tea 熊猫奶茶

The Panda Milk Tea offers premium milk tea with pearls and sago, and you can add a maximum of one additional topping. This drink is a delightful combination of textures and a wonderful choice for those who love milk tea.

What type of tea is used in CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)'s tea-based beverages?

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) uses premium tea leaves for their tea-based beverages. You'll find options like green tea, black tea, and oolong tea, carefully selected to ensure a rich and authentic tea flavor.

Do they offer any dairy-free or vegan options in their CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) menu?

Absolutely! CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) caters to a variety of dietary preferences. They offer dairy-free and vegan milk options, such as almond and soy milk, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their bubble tea.

Is the boba (pearl) in CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)'s drinks made fresh in-store?

Yes, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) takes pride in making their boba fresh in-store. These tapioca pearls are prepared daily, ensuring that they are always chewy and delightful.

Where do they source their fruit for the fruit-based drinks at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)?

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) sources their fruit from local suppliers whenever possible. This commitment to fresh, local ingredients enhances the taste and quality of their fruit-based drinks.

How do they ensure the quality of their tapioca pearls (boba) at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)?

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) maintains a rigorous quality control process to ensure the perfect texture and taste of their boba. This includes regular inspections, ensuring that every pearl meets their high standards.

What types of toppings can I add to my CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) drink, and which ones are the best?

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) offers a variety of toppings, including tapioca pearls (boba), pudding, and coconut jelly. The best topping for you depends on your preferences, but boba is a fan favorite, adding a delightful chewy texture.

How much does a typical CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) beverage cost?

Prices at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) can vary slightly depending on the location and the size of your drink. On average, you can expect to pay between $6 and $8 for a standard-sized beverage.

What are the opening hours of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)?

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) locations typically open in the late morning and close in the evening. For example, they might open at 11:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM, but it's always a good idea to check the specific store's hours.

Does CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) have a kids' menu?

While CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) doesn't have a dedicated kids' menu, they offer various fruit-based and milk tea options that can be suitable for kids. For example, the Mango Fruit Tea or the Lychee Milk Tea can be kid-friendly choices.

Can I choose the level of ice in my CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) tea or juice?

Certainly! CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) allows you to customize the ice level in your drink, whether you prefer it with less ice, regular, or extra ice.

Can I order CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) for delivery?

Yes, you can! CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) offers online ordering through their website at Additionally, they partner with popular delivery providers like UberEats, DoorDash, and Menulog, so you can enjoy their drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Are there seasonal drinks offered at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)?

Certainly, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU) does offer seasonal drinks, including the tempting Oreo Chocolate Series. This series boasts three delightful options: Oreo Chocolate, Oreo Caramel Chocolate, and Oreo Vanilla Chocolate. Each of these drinks pairs a rich chocolate or caramel chocolate latte with a unique salty cheese foam made with Himalayan salt, all topped with Oreo crumbs for that perfect crunch.

Who are the competitors of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)?

Chatime (AU)

Chatime (AU) is known for their extensive menu, offering a wide range of flavors, from classic pearl milk tea to fruity concoctions. Chatime's customizable options and varied toppings, such as tapioca pearls and fruit jelly, have made them a favorite among bubble tea enthusiasts.

Gong Cha (AU)

Gong Cha (AU) is another prominent player in Australia's bubble tea scene, boasting a menu filled with innovative tea and milk tea creations. Gong Cha's signature drinks include the popular Earl Grey Milk Tea and their collection of fruit teas, catering to both tea purists and those looking for refreshing fruit-infused options.

Bubble Cup (AU)

Bubble Cup (AU) is celebrated for its wide selection of drinks, including traditional milk teas, fruit teas, and frappes. Their diverse toppings, like lychee jelly and aloe vera, allow customers to personalize their beverages. Bubble Cup's commitment to quality ingredients shines through in their beverages.

Sharetea (AU)

Sharetea (AU) offers a taste of Taiwan with a menu filled with authentic bubble tea options. From the classic pearl milk tea to unique choices like Taro Red Bean Milk Tea, Sharetea captures the essence of Taiwanese tea culture. The chain's dedication to delivering high-quality ingredients is evident in their offerings.

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea (AU)

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea (AU) is known for its fruit-forward tea creations. Their signature fruit tea series includes drinks like Pineapple Green Tea and Passion Fruit Green Tea, highlighting the freshness of real fruits in each sip. Yifang's emphasis on natural ingredients has made them a top choice for fruit tea lovers.

Boost Juice (AU)

Boost Juice (AU) stands out as a popular juice bar in Australia. While they specialize in smoothies and juices, Boost Juice offers a range of refreshing and nutritious options. Their Boost Classics and Protein Supreme blends have garnered a loyal following among health-conscious consumers.



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