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Large Mango Green $9.02
Large Passionfruit Green $9.03
Large Sparkling Tropical Green $9.04


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About Chatime (AU)

What are the most popular Chatime (AU) drinks?

Chatime (AU) offers a wide range of popular drinks, but the absolute favorites among customers are their pearl milk tea, roasted milk tea, and passion fruit green tea. These classic and delicious options have garnered a strong following among Chatime (AU) enthusiasts.

Which Chatime (AU) fruit tea is a crowd favorite?

The fruit tea that tends to win over crowds at Chatime (AU) is the 'Mango Green Tea.' This refreshing beverage combines the natural sweetness of mango with the briskness of green tea, making it a delightful choice for those who enjoy a tropical twist.

What are the top boba flavors at Chatime (AU)?

Chatime (AU) offers a variety of boba (pearls) flavors. The top choices often include traditional black tapioca pearls and the unique rainbow jelly. Customers love these chewy and colorful toppings, which add an extra layer of texture and fun to their drinks.

What's the most popular Chatime (AU) topping?

The most popular Chatime (AU) topping is the classic black tapioca pearls. These chewy, slightly sweet bubbles are a hallmark of bubble tea and are commonly added to various Chatime drinks for an enjoyable textural contrast.

Does Chatime (AU) offer any unique or limited-time beverages?

Yes, Chatime (AU) frequently introduces unique and limited-time beverages to their menu. These special offerings often include seasonal fruit-based drinks, innovative tea blends, and creative combinations. Keep an eye on their promotions and announcements to catch these limited-time delights.

What's the calorie count in a typical Chatime (AU) drink?

The calorie content of Chatime (AU) drinks can vary depending on your choice of drink and customization options. On average, a regular-sized Chatime drink contains around 250 to 350 calories, but this can change if you alter sugar levels, add toppings, or choose a larger size. For a more accurate estimate, Chatime (AU) provides nutritional information on their website.

Can I customize the level of ice in my Chatime (AU) drink?

Absolutely! Chatime (AU) offers customers the flexibility to customize the level of ice in their drinks. You can choose from options like "Regular," "Less Ice," or "No Ice," ensuring your drink is served exactly the way you like it.

What's the recommended sugar level for Chatime (AU) milk tea?

Chatime (AU) typically offers sugar level options that range from 0% (unsweetened) to 100% (regular sweetness). The recommended sugar level can vary depending on personal taste. However, many customers find 30% to 50% sweetness to be a good starting point, allowing them to savor the tea's natural flavors while still enjoying some sweetness.

Do they have options for lactose-free milk at Chatime (AU)?

Yes, Chatime (AU) accommodates lactose-free preferences. They offer lactose-free milk alternatives such as soy milk and almond milk. These options allow customers with lactose intolerance to enjoy their favorite Chatime (AU) drinks without discomfort.

Does Chatime (AU) offer delivery or online ordering?

Yes, Chatime (AU) offers delivery and online ordering through popular providers like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Menulog and their website at

What are Chatime (AU)'s hours of operation?

Chatime (AU) typically operates from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, but hours may vary by location. For instance, a Chatime (AU) store in Sydney may have different hours compared to one in Melbourne.

Is Chatime (AU) available for catering events or parties?

Yes, Chatime (AU) is available for catering events and parties. They offer a range of options for catering, including customized beverage choices and party packages. It's a great way to add a unique and delicious touch to your special events.

How much does a typical drink cost at Chatime (AU)?

The cost of a typical Chatime (AU) drink can vary depending on the size, type of beverage, and any additional toppings or customizations. Generally, prices range from $5 to $7 for a regular-sized drink. It's always a good idea to check the specific menu and pricing at the Chatime (AU) location you plan to visit.

Does Chatime (AU) have hot drinks available? 

Yes, Chatime (AU) offers a variety of hot tea options. You can enjoy a comforting and warm cup of your favorite tea, including Earl Gray Hot, Roasted Hot, Oolong Hot, Jasmine Hot, Assam Hot, Vanilla Hot, and Hazelnut Hot, alongside their wide selection of cold beverages.

Who are the competitors of Chatime (AU)?

Gong Cha (AU)

Gong Cha, a renowned bubble tea franchise, has established a strong presence in Australia. Gong Cha offers a diverse menu of bubble teas, milk teas, and fruit teas. Their signature items include the classic Pearl Milk Tea and the fragrant Earl Grey Milk Tea. Gong Cha is known for its high-quality tea and customizable options, allowing customers to adjust sugar levels and add toppings to suit their preferences.

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice has become a beloved destination for bubble tea enthusiasts in Australia. Coco offers a menu filled with delectable milk teas and fruit teas. Popular choices include the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea and the Four Seasons Green Tea. The chain is also known for its wide variety of toppings, like the iconic pearls, aloe vera, and coconut jelly, allowing customers to create their perfect drink.

Sharetea (AU)

Sharetea is another prominent player in the Australian bubble tea scene. This chain offers an array of milk teas, fruit teas, and brewed teas. Customers often opt for the Signature Pearl Milk Tea, as well as the refreshing Mango Green Tea. Sharetea takes pride in its use of premium tea leaves and unique flavors, making it a popular choice among tea lovers.

Presotea (AU)

Known for its innovative tea brewing process, Presotea has gained recognition in the Australian market. With a focus on fresh ingredients and brewed teas, Presotea offers a unique tea experience. Their menu includes options like the Roasted Milk Tea and the Honey Lemon Tea, both known for their distinctive flavors and preparation methods.

Bubble Cup (AU)

Bubble Cup is a local favorite for those seeking a delightful selection of bubble tea in Australia. Their menu features a variety of classic and exotic flavors. Popular choices include the Taro Milk Tea and the Lychee Green Tea. Bubble Cup (AU) stands out for its extensive range of flavors and customizable sugar and ice levels.

Boost Juice (AU)

While not exclusively a bubble tea chain, Boost Juice has a significant presence in Australia and offers a unique blend of smoothies and juices. They also provide options like the Green Tea Mango Mantra, which incorporates the refreshing elements of tea into their beverages. Boost Juice (AU) is recognized for its health-conscious options, perfect for those looking for a nutritious and flavorful drink.



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