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On the Flamingo Buffet menu, the most expensive item is Adults (Per Person) (Dinner), which costs $31.99. The cheapest item on the menu is Children (3 and Under) (Per Child) (Monday-Friday Brunch), which costs $0.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $12.44.


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About Flamingo Buffet

What are the popular dishes or items at Flamingo Buffet?

Flamingo Buffet offers a diverse selection of dishes, including:

Mongolian BBQ

Create your own stir-fry with a variety of fresh vegetables, meats, and savory sauces cooked to perfection.

Sushi Rolls

Enjoy a range of sushi rolls, from classic California rolls to specialty options like Dragon Rolls and Rainbow Rolls.

Prime Rib

Savor the juicy and tender prime rib carved to your preference.

Crab Legs

Indulge in succulent and flavorful snow crab legs, a favorite among seafood lovers.

Dim Sum

Delight in the assortment of dim sum, featuring steamed dumplings and buns filled with various savory fillings.

Hibachi Grill

Watch as skilled chefs prepare grilled meats, vegetables, and fried rice right before your eyes.

Dessert Station

Indulge your sweet tooth with an array of desserts, including cakes, pastries, ice cream, and fresh fruit.

What are the prices of the buffet at Flamingo Buffet?

The prices of the buffet at Flamingo Buffet can vary based on location and mealtime. Here are the typical rates as of this posting: • Brunch (Monday to Friday 7am to 2pm) Adults $21.99 / Children (4-9) $10.99 / Children 3 and under Free • Brunch (Saturday and Sunday 7am to 2pm) Adults $24.99 / Children (4-9) $10.99 / Children 3 and under Free • Dinner (Friday to Saturday 5pm to 10pm) Adults $31.99 / Children (4-9) $10.99 / Children 3 and under Free

Where is Flamingo Buffet located?

Flamingo Buffet has several locations across different cities and states. To find the nearest location, you can check their official website or use online restaurant apps.

What type of cuisine does Flamingo Buffet offer?

Flamingo Buffet offers a diverse range of cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, American, and seafood specialties, making it a perfect dining destination for those seeking variety.

Does Flamingo Buffet offer different pricing for children or seniors?

Yes, many Flamingo Buffet locations offer discounted prices for children and seniors, making it a family-friendly and affordable option for all age groups.

Are there any special promotions or discounts at Flamingo Buffet?

Flamingo Buffet occasionally offers special promotions or discounts, especially during holidays or special occasions, providing guests with additional savings.

Does Flamingo Buffet offer a variety of dishes and cuisines?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet is known for its extensive selection of dishes and cuisines, appealing to different palates and dietary preferences.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options at Flamingo Buffet?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet typically offers vegetarian and vegan options, including vegetable stir-fry, tofu dishes, and a variety of vegetable sushi rolls.

Does Flamingo Buffet have a salad bar?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet usually includes a salad bar with a variety of fresh vegetables, dressings, and toppings for guests to create their own salads.

Is Flamingo Buffet all-you-can-eat?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet operates on an all-you-can-eat format, allowing guests to enjoy unlimited servings of their favorite dishes.

Does Flamingo Buffet have a dessert selection?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet boasts an impressive dessert selection, featuring a variety of cakes, pastries, ice cream, and seasonal fruit.

Can I find seafood options at Flamingo Buffet?

Absolutely, Flamingo Buffet usually offers a wide selection of seafood, including shrimp, crab legs, sushi rolls, and various seafood dishes.

Does Flamingo Buffet have a sushi bar?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet often features a sushi bar with skilled sushi chefs preparing a variety of sushi rolls and sashimi.

Does Flamingo Buffet offer any special theme nights or cuisines?

Some Flamingo Buffet locations may host special theme nights or feature specific cuisines on certain days, such as seafood night, Asian cuisine night, or BBQ night.

Is there a time limit for how long I can stay at the buffet?

Flamingo Buffet usually does not impose a time limit, allowing guests to dine at their leisure and enjoy the variety of dishes at their own pace.

Can I order specific dishes or items from the menu instead of the buffet?

While Flamingo Buffet primarily offers a buffet format, some locations may offer a limited menu for dine-in customers who prefer ordering specific dishes.

Is Flamingo Buffet suitable for large groups or events?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet can accommodate large groups and events, making it a popular choice for family gatherings, celebrations, and corporate functions.

Does Flamingo Buffet offer discounts for members or loyalty programs?

Some Flamingo Buffet locations may offer loyalty programs or discounts for frequent diners, providing additional benefits and savings.

What are the Flamingo Buffet operating hours?

The operating hours of Flamingo Buffet can vary depending on the location, so it's always best to check the specific hours for the nearest branch.

Does Flamingo Buffet have a carving station?

Yes, Flamingo Buffet often features a carving station with a selection of roasted meats, such as prime rib, ham, or turkey.

Can I get fountain drinks or refills at Flamingo Buffet?

Yes, most Flamingo Buffet locations offer fountain drinks with the option for refills during your meal.

Who are Flamingo Buffet's top competitors?

Golden Corral

Known for its vast buffet spread, including American comfort foods, salads, and desserts.

Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantation)

A salad and soup buffet with a focus on fresh and healthy options.

Hometown Buffet

A family-style buffet offering a variety of American dishes, including fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and more.

Buffet City

An Asian-inspired buffet with a mix of Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cuisines.


A buffet-style restaurant featuring Southern-inspired dishes and comfort foods.

Cicis Pizza

Known for its pizza buffet with a wide selection of pizza varieties, pasta, salad, and desserts.

Old Country Buffet

A classic buffet offering a diverse range of American comfort foods and seasonal dishes.

Ponderosa Steakhouse

A buffet-style restaurant with a focus on grilled steaks, chicken, and a variety of sides.


A family-friendly buffet chain with a mix of Southern-style dishes, seafood, and a salad bar.
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