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Mitchell's Fish Market Menu Prices

Average Prices
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Updated on: May 30, 2023

View the Mitchell's Fish Market menu prices list below for the most accurate and up-to-date menu prices. We aggregate data from 16 Mitchell's Fish Market locations in our database to create the most accurate list of Mitchell's Fish Market prices. Don't rely on outdated price data. We update our database frequently to ensure that the prices are as accurate as possible.

On the Mitchell's Fish Market menu, the most expensive item is Family Cedar Roasted Salmon, which costs $92.24. The cheapest item on the menu is Fountain Style Dr. Pepper, which costs $3.69. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $22.85.

You are viewing the average Mitchell's Fish Market prices from 16 locations in our database.
Prices shown in: USD
Average Item Price: $22.85
Beta Price change data displayed below is the difference between the previous and the last record in our database. The two records could be derived from different sources, and as such, should only be used as estimates.
Item Price Change

Lunch Box

Lunch Maryland Crab cakes
Corn saute, classic tartar, smashed redskins.
$23.24 +$0.25 +1.09%
LN Shrimp Americana $22.80 +$0.15 +0.66%
Blackened Fish Street Tacos
Avocado salsa, Pico, lettuce, ranch, queso fresco.
$15.90 +$0.27 +1.73%
Lunch Ocean Cobb Salad
chilled Lobster, shrimp + crab louie, bacon, egg, avocado, red onion, blue cheese, white balsamic.
$27.43 +$0.53 +1.97%
Lunch Fish and Chips
Flash fried beer battered cod, French fries, coleslaw.
$18.90 +$0.46 +2.49%
Lunch Chicken Caesar
Grilled or crispy chicken.
$16.32 +$0.92 +5.97%
Lunch Chicken Ceasar
Grilled or crispy chicken.
$17.76 - -
Lunch Sixty South Salmon
Smashed redskins, fresh vegetables.
$22.74 +$0.15 +0.66%
Lunch Shanghai Sampler
Steamed scallops, salmon, shrimp, ponzu, ginger, spinach, sticky rice.
$27.91 +$0.26 +0.94%

Burgers & Sandwiches & Tacos

Grilled Chicken B.L.A.T.
Bacon, lettuce, avocado, pretzel bun, fries, and slaw.
$14.24 -$0.01 -0.07%


Crispy Calamari
Served with chili soy dipping sauce.
$15.46 +$0.34 +2.25%
Spicy Crispy Shrimp
Creamy chili glaze, sticky rice, and pickled cucumbers.
$14.59 +$0.32 +2.24%
Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp
Applewood bacon and sticky rice.
$15.07 +$0.21 +1.41%


Seared Ahi Tuna
Smoked salt, pepper, ale mustard sauce.
$16.07 +$0.01 +0.06%
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Housemade sauces; classic cocktail, creamy louie.
$16.72 +$0.16 +0.97%
Crab, Spinach, & Artichoke Dip
Pico de gallo and house made corn chips.
$17.05 - -
Maryland Style Crab Cake
Roasted corn, tabasco mash remoulade, traditional tartar.
$17.79 +$0.64 +3.73%

Popular Items

Fish + Chips
Sam Adams beer batter, cod, tartar sauce, hushpuppies, french fries, coleslaw.
$21.55 +$0.89 +4.31%
Maine Lobster Bisque $7.90 +$0.01 +0.13%
Antarctic Salmon
Grilled, broiled, or pan-seared with smashed redskins market vegetables.
$27.38 -$0.23 -0.83%

Soups + Salads

New England Clam Chowder $8.62 +$0.10 +1.17%
Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp $19.49 +$0.49 +2.58%
New Orleans Seafood Gumbo $7.01 -$0.02 -0.28%
Ocean Cobb Salad
Chilled lobster, shrimp+crab louie, bacon, egg, avocado, red onion, blue cheese, white balsamic.
$25.26 - -
Mitchell's House Salad
Dates, pine nuts, and poppy seed vinaigrette.
$9.61 +$0.14 +1.48%
Ocean Cobb
Chilled lobster, shrimp, and crab, bacon, avocado, egg, Bleu cheese, white balsamic vinaigrette.
$23.10 - -
Classic Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, garlic croutons.
$10.12 +$0.28 +2.85%
Titanic Wedge of Iceberg
Bacon, tomatoes, egg, and bleu cheese dressing.
$10.75 +$0.23 +2.19%
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
Classic caesar with grilled marinated chicken.
$16.70 +$0.88 +5.56%
Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken
Classic caesar with crispy chicken
$14.60 -$0.02 -0.14%
Caesar Salad with Shrimp $16.23 -$0.15 -0.92%
Caesar Salad with Salmon $18.77 -$0.05 -0.27%
Caesar Salad with Grilled Salmon
Classic Caesar with grilled sixty south salmon. This item can be prepared gluten sensitive.
$23.53 +$0.66 +2.89%
House Salad with Grilled Salmon $22.67 +$0.44 +1.98%
House Salad with Grilled Chicken $18.27 +$0.56 +3.16%

Soups & Salads

Caesar Salad with Grilled Scallops $23.56 -$0.15 -0.63%
House Salad with Grilled Scallops $23.06 -$0.09 -0.39%


Crab Cake Sandwich
panko crusted, tartar, lettuce, tomato, french fries
$22.35 +$1.10 +5.18%
Market Cheeseburger
Lettuce, tomato, pickle, remoulade, french fries.
$17.35 +$0.42 +2.48%
Big Fish Sandwich
Panko crusted cod, cheddar, tartar sauce, fries, and slaw.
$16.11 +$0.32 +2.03%

Signature Fish Selections

Lobster + Shrimp Stuffed Cod
White wine garlic sauce, smashed redskins, and aspargus.
$27.12 +$0.38 +1.42%

Shellfish + Steak + Fowl

14 oz NY Strip
smashed redskins
$42.90 - -
Dynamic Duo
Lobster and shrimp stuffed lobster tail, bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp, smashed redskins, asparagus.
$38.68 +$0.02 +0.05%
Surf + Turf
6oz filet mignon, jumbo shrimp scampi, smashed redskins, asparagus
$42.90 - -
Crab Cake + Shrimp
broiled shrimp, maryland style crab cake, roasted corn saute, smashed redskins
$29.65 +$1.44 +5.10%
20 oz Cowboy Ribeye $51.70 - -
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Maine lobster, smoked Gouda, peas, tomatoes.
$26.40 - -
Alaskan King Crab Legs
One full pound smashed redskins, drawn butter
$49.50 - -
Twin Cold Water Lobster Tails
Smashed redskins
$38.50 - -
Maryland Style Crab Cakes
Roasted corn saute, tabasco mash remoulade, smashed redskins.
$32.02 +$0.75 +2.40%
Crispy Chicken Parmesan
Fresh linguine, parmesan cream, marinara.
$20.27 -$0.08 -0.39%

Market Signatures

Crab Stuffed Flounder
white wine garlic sauce, roasted redskins, asparagus
$26.73 +$0.18 +0.68%
Mitchell's Market Trio
Shrimp, crab cake, broiled salmon, andouille jambalaya rice, and asparagus.
$36.51 +$0.09 +0.25%
Shanghai Seafood Sampler
steamed shrimp, salmon, scallops, ponzu, ginger, spinach, sticky rice
$34.77 +$0.93 +2.75%
Shrimp + Chips
sam adams beer batter, cocktail sauce, hushpuppies, french fries, coleslaw
$23.86 +$0.92 +4.01%
Ginger Crusted Salmon
sixty south salmon, citrus butter, sticky rice, stir-fry vegetables
$28.05 +$0.76 +2.78%
Fish and Chips $17.82 - -
Lobster+Shrimp stuffed Cod
smashed redskins, asparagus, white wine garlic sauce
$29.81 +$0.71 +2.44%
Cedar Planked Salmon
Balsamic glaze, goat cheese, asparagus, sweet peppers, zucchini.
$28.22 +$0.24 +0.86%
Broiled Shrimp
smashed redskins, market vegetables
$20.99 +$0.54 +2.64%
Shanghai Sea Bass
Rice wine soy sauce, ginger, sticky rice, and spinach.
$41.80 - -
Seafood Americana $32.89 - -
Shrimp and Chips
Sam Adams beer batter, cocktail sauce, hushpuppies, french fries, coleslaw.
$22.16 - -
Shanghai Seabass
ponzu, ginger, spinach, sticky rice
$43.34 +$0.12 +0.28%
Lobster & Shrimp Stuffed Cod
White wine garlic sauce, smashed redskins, asparagus.
$25.85 +$0.15 +0.58%
Twin Coldwater Lobster Tails
Drawn butter, fresh vegetables, smashed redskins. This item can be prepared gluten sensitive.
$47.85 +$0.66 +1.40%


Filet Mignon (8 oz)
Char-grilled, smashed redskins, asparagus.
$47.19 - -
New York Strip 14 oz
Smashed redskins, fresh vegetables. This item can be prepared gluten sensitive.
$49.40 +$0.54 +1.11%

Sam Adams Battered Seafood

Fisherman's Platter
Hand battered and flash fried cod, shrimp, and wild sea scallops, served with sea salt french fries, hushpuppies, and coleslaw.
$26.32 -$0.13 -0.49%

Hand Battered

Fisherman's Fry
sam adams beer batter, cod, shrimp, wild sea scallops, hushpuppies, french fries, coleslaw
$25.30 +$0.30 +1.20%


Shrimp and Crab Linguine
tomatoes, peas, zucchini, basil, white wine garlic sauce
$26.23 - -
Chicken Parmesan
Parmesan encrusted, marinara, and angel hair.
$20.99 +$0.76 +3.76%
Shrimp Scampi Pasta
Fresh linguine, diced tomatoes, parmesan.
$19.04 +$0.31 +1.66%

Scoop + Twirl

Blackened Chicken Pasta
sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, cajun cream sauce
$16.50 +$0.22 +1.35%
Chilled Superfood Bowl
kale, arugula, apple, butternut squash, beets, red quinoa, pomegranate seeds, apple cider vinaigrette, sunflower + pumpkin seeds
$14.30 - -
Ahi Tuna Rice Bowl
Avocado, jalapeno, carrots, pickled cucumbers, coconut rice, nori and ginger.
$18.05 +$0.03 +0.17%
Shanghai Shrimp, Salmon & Sea Scallops
Steamed, ponzu, ginger, sticky rice, spinach.
$27.99 -$1.40 -4.76%

Shareable Sides

Grilled Asparagus
umami butter
$9.90 - -
Brussels Sprouts
caramelized onions, dates, queso freso
$9.90 - -
Mac & Cheese
Smoked Gouda.
$8.80 - -
Shrimp & Andouille Jambalaya
Shrimp, andouille, rice.
$9.90 - -
Tuscan Grilled Vegetables
Balsamic glaze and goat cheese.
$8.55 -$0.01 -0.12%

Fresh Fish | Today's Catch

grilled, broiled, or pan seared with smashed redskins, market vegetables
$30.80 - -

Fresh Catch Fish

Atlantic Cod
Grilled, broiled or pan seared , smashed redskins, market vegetables.
$20.05 +$0.72 +3.72%
Sixty South Salmon $29.26 +$0.46 +1.60%
Smashed redskins, fresh vegetables. Choice of: pan seared, broiled, or blackened.
$23.99 +$0.19 +0.80%
Chilean Sea Bass
Grilled, broiled, or pan-seared with smashed redskins market vegetables.
$42.64 +$0.35 +0.83%
Sea Scallops $34.27 +$1.13 +3.41%
Grilled, broiled or pan seared , smashed redskins market vegetables.
$17.89 +$0.93 +5.48%

Family Meals

Serves four. Includes choice of family sized House or Caesar salad and sourdough bread.
Family Chicken Parmesan
Parmesan crusted Chicken, marinara, fresh linguine, parmesan cream
$71.50 - -
Family Fish n Chips
Flash fried beer battered cod, french fries, coleslaw.
$71.03 +$0.19 +0.27%
Family Shrimp Scampi Pasta
Fresh linguine, tomatoes, Parmesan.
$71.03 +$0.19 +0.27%
Family Cedar Roasted Salmon
Balsamic glaze, goat cheese, fresh vegetables, sun-dried tomato pesto, smashed redskins, fresh vegetables.
$92.24 +$0.50 +0.55%

Kids' Entrées

Includes fountain drink of choice.
Pasta Bowl
Penne pasta; choice of butter or marinara.
$7.70 - -
Pasta Bowl with Shrimp
Penne pasta; choice of butter or marinara with shrimp.
$9.90 - -
French fries.
$8.43 +$0.04 +0.48%
Popcorn Shrimp $8.80 - -
Grilled Salmon
Green beans.
$9.90 - -


Kids Fish + Chips $9.35 - -
Mini Cheeseburger
Served with French fries.
$8.80 - -
Kids Fish and Chips $9.11 -$0.24 -2.57%
Kid's Chicken Strips $8.80 - -
Chicken Strips $8.80 - -


Carrot Cake $16.17 +$0.09 +0.56%
Signature Carrot Cake
One of a kind and perfect for sharing.
$13.20 - -
Key Lime Pie
The fish market classic.
$9.17 +$0.27 +3.03%


Iced Tea $3.82 +$0.04 +1.06%
Fountain Style Coke $3.84 +$0.04 +1.05%
Fountain Style Diet Coke $3.84 +$0.04 +1.05%
Fountain Style Dr. Pepper $3.69 - -
Fountain Style Sprite $3.84 +$0.04 +1.05%
Coffee $3.81 +$0.03 +0.79%
Coffee, Decaf $3.78 +$0.04 +1.07%
Disclaimer: PriceListo gathers actual pricing information from sources such as on-site visits, business websites, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices reported on this website may not be current, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.

About Mitchell's Fish Market

Every Mitchell's Fish Market restaurant offers excellent seafood and steak dishes so it's a meat lovers haven. When Cameron Mitchell opened the first location in Columbus, Ohio, he had big dreams for it and he succeeded - and the chain's loyal patrons can attest to it. The upscale restaurant chain combines the appeal of a casual restaurant with the efficiency of well-trained crew members.

The Mitchell's Fish Market prices are more expensive than other seafood and steak-centric restaurants but these are worth it due to the enjoyable dining experience. The food menu includes several types of seafood dishes and steaks as entrées, as well as appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. The fresh fish, which are displayed on clear cases, can be prepared according to your preference like grilled, broiled, or steamed; these can also be served with your choice of sides like mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, or sticky rice.

Diners who want more affordable prices will find the happy hour – from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. - as the best time to come here. The bar drinks are offered at discounted prices, said drinks of which include cocktails, wines and beers.

Above are the latest Mitchell's Fish Market menu prices.

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