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On the Monk's Café menu, the most expensive item is Ghent, which costs $19.00. The cheapest item on the menu is Fresh Chévre, which costs $0.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $10.39.


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About Monk's Café

What are the popular menu items or signature dishes at Monk's Cafe?

Monk's Cafe is renowned for its extensive beer selection, but it also offers a range of delicious Belgian-inspired dishes. Some popular menu items and signature dishes include:

Beef Cheeks

Tender, slow-cooked beef cheeks bathed in a rich reduction sauce. Served alongside expertly prepared vegetables.

Local Cheese Plate

A thoughtfully curated selection of artisanal cheeses sourced from nearby dairies, highlighting the region's finest flavors.

Fresh Chèvre

Monk's Cafe serves up the delightful Fresh Chèvre, a goat cheese creation renowned for its velvety texture and zesty flavor.

Noble Road Brie

This soft and creamy French cheese takes center stage with its delicate rind and luxurious interior, this cheese pairs exquisitely with crackers or fruits, offering patrons an elegant and delectable choice.

Monk's Duck Salad

Tender roasted duck pieces crown a bed of fresh greens, harmoniously tossed in a vinaigrette and topped with satisfying crunch. This salad embodies the balance of savory and refreshing elements.

Monk's Mussels

Plentiful mussels, tender and succulent, are immersed in a fragrant broth that infuses them with layers of coastal flavor. Served with crusty bread, this dish captures the essence of coastal cuisine.

Duck Salad Sandwich

Nestled between slices of artisan bread, this creation combines roasted duck richness with salad freshness, offering both fusion and convenience.

What is Monk's Cafe known for?

Monk's Cafe is known for being a legendary Belgian beer bar and restaurant that celebrates the rich tradition of Belgian brewing. It's famous for its wide selection of Belgian and craft beers, as well as its Belgian-inspired cuisine.

What type of cuisine does Monk's Cafe serve?

Monk's Cafe specializes in Belgian cuisine, offering dishes that reflect the flavors and traditions of Belgium. Their menu features a variety of options, including classic Belgian dishes and innovative creations.

Can you find a wide range of Belgian and craft beers at Monk's Cafe?

Absolutely! Monk's Cafe boasts an impressive selection of Belgian and craft beers. Their extensive beer menu includes a diverse range of styles, from classic Belgian ales to contemporary craft brews.

What is the history or background of Monk's Cafe?

Monk's Cafe was established in 1997 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded by Tom Peters and Fergus Carey with the vision of creating a space where beer enthusiasts could enjoy a vast selection of Belgian beers alongside delicious Belgian cuisine.

What are the opening and closing hours of Monk's Cafe?

The opening and closing hours of Monk's Cafe can vary, and it's recommended to check their official website or contact the restaurant directly for the most up-to-date information on their operating hours.

Where is Monk's Cafe located?

Monk's Cafe is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The specific address is 264 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

Is Monk's Cafe associated with any specific beer events or festivals?

Yes, Monk's Cafe is well-known for its association with the annual "Belgian Beer Weekend" event, which celebrates Belgian brewing traditions and showcases a wide variety of Belgian beers.

How does Monk's Cafe contribute to the beer culture in Philadelphia?

Monk's Cafe is a cornerstone of Philadelphia's beer culture. It has played a significant role in introducing and popularizing Belgian beers in the city and has become a gathering place for beer enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community around beer appreciation.

Can you find traditional Belgian dishes on the menu at Monk's Cafe?

Yes, Monk's Cafe offers a selection of traditional Belgian dishes, such as Moules Frites, Belgian Beef Stew, and Flemish Carbonnade. These dishes capture the essence of Belgian cuisine and pair well with the diverse beer selection.

Is Monk's Cafe family-friendly?

While Monk's Cafe is primarily known for its beer selection and pub atmosphere, families are welcome to dine there. However, due to its focus on beer, it's advisable to check with the restaurant regarding family accommodations.

Does Monk's Cafe host any special beer tastings or pairing events?

Yes, Monk's Cafe frequently hosts special beer tastings, beer pairing events, and tap takeovers. These events provide opportunities for beer enthusiasts to explore new flavors and learn about different beer styles.

Can you make reservations for dining at Monk's Cafe?

Monk's Cafe typically operates on a first-come, first-served basis and doesn't accept reservations. This approach aligns with the casual and communal atmosphere of a traditional pub.

What are the prices like at Monk's Cafe?

Prices at Monk's Cafe can vary based on the menu items and beers you choose. Belgian beers, especially rare or aged varieties, may come at a premium price due to their uniqueness and quality.

Who are Monk's Cafe's top competitors?

Monk's Cafe stands out as a premier Belgian beer bar and restaurant in Philadelphia, offering a unique experience. Here are its main competitors:

Standard Tap

A popular Philadelphia pub offering craft beers and locally-sourced American cuisine.

Local 44

A beer bar that focuses on craft beers and offers a range of options for beer enthusiasts.

The Belgian Café

Another Philadelphia spot known for its Belgian beer offerings and Belgian-inspired dishes.

Prohibition Taproom

A cozy pub with a rotating selection of craft beers and comfort food.
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