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बीटा नीचे प्रदर्शित मूल्य परिवर्तन डेटा हमारे डेटाबेस में पिछले और पिछले रिकॉर्ड के बीच का अंतर है। दो रिकॉर्ड विभिन्न स्रोतों से प्राप्त किए जा सकते हैं, और इस तरह, केवल अनुमान के रूप में उपयोग किया जाना चाहिए।
मद कीमत परिवर्तन

Parantha Breakfast

Aloo Parantha(2) with Dahi and Pickle
Whole wheat dough mixed with Indian spices stuffed with potato and herbs, 2 paranthas served with yogurt and a side of tasty pickle
₹84.00 - -
Mix Veg Parantha(2) with Dahi and Pickle
Fluffy Indian dough, loaded with herbs and veggies, 2 paranthas served with yogurt and a side of tasty pickle
₹90.00 - -
Spinach and Corn Parantha(2) with Dahi and Pickle
A fusion of green spinach and fine picked corns kernels stuffed in Indian crispy dough, 2 paranthas served with yogurt and a side of tasty pickle
₹87.00 - -
Soya Aloo Parantha(2) with Dahi and Pickle
A fusion of herbed soya and spicy potatoes stuffed in Indian crispy dough, 2 paranthas served with yogurt and a side of tasty pickle
₹90.00 - -
Paneer Parantha(2) with Dahi and Pickle
Crispy dough stuffed with cottage cheese mixed with Indian spices and herbs, 2 paranthas served with yogurt and a side of tasty pickle
₹102.00 - -
मद कीमत परिवर्तन


Gulab Jamun
No matter how trite, gulab jamun is an anytime favourite! End or begin your meal with sweet khoya dumplings infused with rose and cardamon. Pop‘em straight in your mouth and make yummy noises as it explodes immediately (1 pc)
₹30.00 - -
Rajma Chawal
Sometimes simple, sometimes out of the world but always comforting - Rajma-Chawal is the taste of comfort that can outrun any forlorn feeling. Slow-cooked with veggies and spices to give a tangy and spicy curry flavor, it tastes divine with a plateful of hot steamy rice. Homesick and deprived of home-cooked meals, it will definitely transport you to your good times (Serves:1)
₹114.00 - -
Chole Chawal
This is an all-time favourite, classic dish of the authentic chole served with rice, a delicacy in North India. Flavored with aromatic spices, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and onions, our chole is a celebration of Indian spices in a very subtle manner. Sprinkled over with garam masala and served with a bowlful of steaming hot rice, prepared with a special chole masala, made especially for a richer taste by our chef (Serves:1)
₹114.00 - -
Dal Makhani and Jeera Rice
When nothing feels right, a bowl of dal makhani and jeera rice can be very fulfilling and heart-warming. The secret to its deliciousness is our hand-picked ingredients and adding just the right amount of cream. Loaded with the smoothness of malai and delectable Indian spices, our creamy dal makhani pairs best with jeera-infused steamed rice. Savour the flavors of simplicity with soulful dal makhani served with aromatic jeera rice (Serves:1)
₹138.00 - -
Paneer Butter Masala and Chawal
Cooked in a butter-rich spicy gravy, paneer butter masala is justice done to this authentic and mouth-watering Punjabi delicacy. Served with a bowlful of hot rice, savour the deliciousness of the tender paneer pieces cooked in a smooth, creamy paste of tomatoes, herbs and spices, milk and lots of malai! It’s nothing like what you’ve tasted before (Serves:1)
₹168.00 - -


Veg Biryani
Flavorful mix of spices and herbs cooked in Hyderabadi style with long grained rice, topped with caramelized onions, served with curd (Serves:1)
₹138.00 - -


Dal Makhani and Jeera Rice (Combos) ₹138.00 - -
Rajma Chawal (Combos) ₹114.00 - -
Chole Chawal (Combos) ₹114.00 - -
Paneer Butter Masala and Chawal (Combos) ₹168.00 - -
Dal Chawal
There’s nothing that you can’t love about ‘chhaunk’ sizzling with cumin, garlic, mustard, curry leaves and other scrumptious spices. Slow-cooked in a pot full of flavorful masalas, our dal is typical Dhaba-style and this dal-chawal combo is a perfect luncheon to twist your guts! (Serves:1)
₹96.00 - -


Hara Bhara Kebab
Fried until golden brown, these delicious dumplings have been balled out of hand-picked vegetables and herbs folded in our chef's special green filling made of tender potatoes, peas, spinach and freshly-grounded spices. It's juicy tenderness and crisp coating make it a perfect starter to your evening, and when married with the hot and hip teekhi mint chutney, get ready for hara bhara explosion in your mouth! (5 pieces)
₹108.00 - -
Chilli Paneer
It’s hot but won’t burn you. Our finger-licking chilli paneer is cooked until it looks all fiery and saucy, sizzling with caramelized onions for some extra grilled sweetness, crunchy capsicums and fresh cubes of paneer, that brings alive the texture that makes this dish so delicate and yummy! Enveloped in our secret hot and sweet sauce, each bite is peppery and as fiery as it gets (8 pieces)
₹120.00 - -

Curd and Raita

Plain Dahi
A bowl of white wonder that goes with everything and makes a heavenly pair with garam paranthas
₹42.00 - -
Mixed Veg Raita
A great side to anything you select. Enjoy a refreshing mix of veggies covered with fresh yogurt
₹60.00 - -


Gulab Jamun (Dessert) ₹30.00 - -
मद कीमत परिवर्तन


With the tanginess of lemon and the crunchiness of peanuts and a garden-fresh garnish of coriander leaves, our homestyle cooked poha is made to entice! With vegetables sauteed till golden brown and flattened rice tossed in specially chosen spices and herbs, our hot and spicy poha will comfort you in every bite
₹60.00 - -
Not every upma is an authentic one and Adraq's version of this southern delicacy is the one you will fall for! Our traditional South Indian suji upma is perfectly dry-roasted and mixed with a selection of aromatic spices and herbs until the dish picks up the right flavor, texture, and color. Relish the taste of our thick southern-style semolina porridge with a sprinkle of lemon and coconut chutney
₹54.00 - -
Poori Bhaji
Spice up your mundane appetite or take a break from the fast-food craze - either way, our classic combo of the spiced potato curry served with deep-fried puffy poori's is a dish close to our hearts. Medium spiced potatoes tempered and cooked with a selection of herbs and spices, our Maharashtrian-inspired potato bhaji is a finger-licking comfort to be enjoyed with crispy gorgeous whole wheat puffy poori's (3 pieces)
₹60.00 - -
Veg Noodles
Craving for street-style Hakka, flavored with spicy sauces and crunchy veggies? If so, try our chef-special street-style cooked Hakka noodles stir-fried with wholesome vegetables, a little bit of tang and the ideal amount of spiciness. What makes our veg noodles so special is the mix of sauces that ensures just the right kind of chilli-garlic taste in every toss and turn
₹54.00 - -
Chole Bhature
Inspired by the traditional Amritsari concoction, our spicy curried chole served with the fluffy outside, soft on the inside deep-fried bhatura, this dish is an all- time favourite snack here at Adraq. Cooked with our special chole masala and fresh doughed bhature, this dish will give you the widest grin! Turn up the heat with our fiery hot bowl of chickpeas served with scrumptious bhature (2 pieces) (Serves:1)
₹54.00 - -
अस्वीकरण: PriceListo ऑन-साइट विज़िट, व्यावसायिक वेबसाइट और फ़ोन साक्षात्कार जैसे स्रोतों से वास्तविक मूल्य निर्धारण जानकारी एकत्र करता है। इस वेबपृष्ठ पर रिपोर्ट की गई कीमतें उन स्रोतों में से एक या अधिक से प्राप्त होती हैं। स्वाभाविक रूप से, इस वेबसाइट पर बताई गई कीमतें वर्तमान नहीं हो सकती हैं, और किसी दिए गए व्यवसाय ब्रांड के सभी स्थानों पर लागू नहीं हो सकती हैं। वर्तमान मूल्य निर्धारण प्राप्त करने के लिए, आप के लिए व्यक्तिगत व्यावसायिक स्थान से संपर्क करें।
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