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Chicken and Cranberry Pizza
Shredded chicken breast with cream cheese, a sprinkling of cashew nuts, cranberry sauce, and parsley.
$12.50 - -
Meatlovers Pizza
Seasoned topside beef, bacon, pepperoni, and cabbanosy with spags BBQ sauce.
$12.50 - -
Spags Special Pizza
Bacon, pepperoni, sliced onions, sliced tomato, and mushrooms.
$12.50 - -
Hawaiian Pizza
Lashings of ham and pineapple.
$11.00 - -
Spagalimis Bolognaise
Served with spaghetti. Bolognaise sauce served through seasoned topside beef and garnished with parsley.
$16.90 - -


Chicken Tenders
Tender crumbed premium chicken breast. Served with BBQ sauce.
$8.50 - -
Vegetables Delights
Bite sized filo wraps filled with veges and a hint of peanut. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce. Twelve filo wraps per serve.
$8.00 - -
Garlic Bread
Bread sticks brushed with garlic butter.
$3.50 - -
Spags Chips (Starters)
Seasoned chips cooked in vegetables oil. Served with spags sweet and sour sauce.
$8.90 - -
Spags Chips $8.90 - -
Kumara Chips
Served with sweet Thai chili sauce.
$8.50 - -
Lemon Pepper Wedges
Lemon pepper potato wedges. Served with sour cream and sweet Thai chili sauce.
$8.50 - -
Cajun Wedges
Cajun wedges cooked in vegetables oil. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce and sour cream.
$8.50 - -
Plain Wedges
Served with sour cream and sweet Thai chili sauce.
$8.00 - -
Polenta Chips
Served with Aioli
$9.50 - -
Loaded Fries
Our world famous Spags Chips topped with pizza cheese, parmesan, our own sweet & sour sauce, and mayonnaise. Add our pizza hot sauce at your peril! Enjoy.
$16.00 - -

Vegan Pizza

Vegan Margherita Pizza
Tomato base sauce, freshly sliced tomato, basil, cracked pepper, Angel Food mozzarella
$13.50 - -
Roast Vegan Pizza
Tomato base sauce, seasoned roast veges, mushrooms, Angel Food mozzarella
$13.50 - -
Vegan Greens Pizza
Tomato base sauce, spinach, tomato, olives, Angel Food mozzarella, parsley, cashews
$13.50 - -
Vegan Beans Pizza
Tomato base sauce, red kidney beans, capers, mushrooms, vegan cheese
$13.50 - -
Vegan Chickpeas Pizza
Tomato base sauce, chickpeas, onions, BBQ sauce, vegan cheese, cashews.
$13.50 - -
Vegan Avocado Pizza
Tomato base sauce, chickpeas, red kidney beans, avocado, Angel Food Mozzarella. Served with Sriracha Sauce.
$14.00 - -

Plant Based Pizza

Spicy Corn (V)
Corn, jalapenos, red peppers, avocado, coriander, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Beans & Corn (V)
Red kidney beans, corn, red peppers, mayo, coriander, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Falafel (V)
Falafel, red onion, red peppers, aioli, parsley, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Asparagus & Mushroom (V)
Asparagus, onion, mushroom, mayo, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Mushroom & Avo (V)
Mushroom, capsicum, red onion, olives, avocado, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Broccoli & Hemp Seeds (V)
Broccoli, red onion, kalamata olives, aioli, Angel Food mozzarella, hemp seeds.
$14.00 - -
BBQ Chickpeas (V)
Chickpeas, onions, BBQ sauce, Angel Food mozzarella, cashews.
$14.00 - -
Capers & Beans (V)
Red kidney beans, capers, mushrooms, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Greens & Tomato (V)
Spinach, tomato, olives, Angel Food mozzarella, parsley, cashews.
$14.00 - -
Field Roast (V)
Seasoned roast veges, mushrooms, aioli, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Plant Based Margherita (V)
Freshly sliced tomato, basil, cracked pepper, Angel Food mozzarella.
$14.00 - -
Avocado & Beans (V)
Avocado, chickpeas, red kidney beans, Angel Food Mozzarella, siracha sauce.
$14.00 - -

Meat Pizza

Spags Special Pizza (Meat Pizza) $12.50 - -
Venison Pizza
Wild venison served with Kalamata olives, red onion, feta, and roasted garlic. Topped with plum sauce and parsley.
$13.50 - -
New Yorker Pizza
Pepperoni over pizza sauce and cheese.
$10.50 - -
Volcano Pizza
Pepperoni, jalapenos hot, and lava hot spags chili.
$11.50 - -
Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni nestled between sliced onions and sliced tomato.
$12.00 - -
Mexican Pizza
Spags chili sauce, seasoned topsides, red kidney beans, capsicum, and topped off with sour cream.
$12.00 - -
Milano Pizza
Garlic salami, sliced tomatoes, capsicum, and herbs.
$12.00 - -
The Anti-Pasto Pizza
Anti pasto on a chutney pizza base. Pepperoni, gherkins, red peppers, Kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes.
$13.00 - -
Meatlovers Pizza (Meat Pizza) $12.50 - -
Hawaiian Pizza (Meat Pizza) $11.00 - -
Ham Pizza
Spags pizza sauce, ham, and cheese.
$10.50 - -
Prosciutto Pizza
Prosciutto ham, mushrooms, and cracked pepper. Topped with parsley.
$12.50 - -
Bacon and Asparagus Pizza
Bacon and asparagus garnished with cracked pepper.
$11.50 - -
Cappricciosa Pizza
Bacon, mushrooms, sliced tomato, capsicum, and black olives.
$12.50 - -
BBQ Pork Pizza
Pulled pork served with pineapple, red onion, and jalapenos. Finished with spags BBQ sauce.
$13.50 - -
Roast Pork Pizza
Tender pulled pork nestled between seasonal roast veges finished with parsley and apple sauce.
$13.00 - -
Chicken & Avocado Pizza
Tomato base sauce, chicken, freshly sliced tomato, avocado and cheese. Finished with mayonnaise and parsley.
$14.00 - -
Prosciutto & Avocado Pizza
Tomato base sauce, prosciutto ham, red onions, avocado and cheese. Served with garlic aioli and garnished with parsley.
$14.00 - -
Brunch Pizza
Brunch Pizza - Egg, bacon, mushroom, tomato and topped with hollandaise sauce.
$18.50 - -
Meatball Pizza
Meatballs, red peppers and parmesan.
$13.50 - -

Vegetarian Pizza

Al Funghi Pizza
Mushrooms with cracked pepper.
$10.50 - -
Margherita Pizza
Sliced tomatoes, base sauce, and cheese topped with basil and cracked pepper.
$11.50 - -
Original Vegetarian Pizza
Onions, mushrooms, sliced tomato, and capsicum.
$12.00 - -
Zorba Pizza
Chopped spinach, mushrooms, cream cheese, and olives.
$12.00 - -
Roast Vege Pizza
Seasoned roast veges and mushrooms finished with garlic aioli.
$12.50 - -
Asparago Pizza
Asparagus served with red onion and crumbled feta cheese.
$12.50 - -
Broccoli and Blue Cheese Pizza
Broccoli, blue cheese, and sliced pear. Garnished with walnuts and parsley.
$12.50 - -
Three Cheeses and Spinach Pizza
Blue cheese, feta cheese, and parmesan. Served with spinach and roasted garlic.
$12.50 - -
Little Italy Pizza
Chopped spinach and sundried tomatoes, topped with red onion, sliced tomato, and feta cheese.
$13.00 - -
Vege Patch Pizza
Spinach, feta, onion, sun dried tomato, roasted garlic, mushrooms, and finished with garlic aioli.
$13.00 - -
Dessert Pizza
Cream Cheese, lemon curd, raspberries and dusted with icing sugar. Great to share! Eight Slices.
$16.00 - -
Hemp Seed Pizza
Tomato base sauce, spinach, tomato, oregano, kalamata olives and cheese. Finished with Hemp Seeds.
$14.00 - -

Seafood Pizza

Trio Napoli Pizza
Anchovies, olives, and capers.
$12.50 - -
Smoked Salmon Pizza
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, finished with lemon juice, and a sprinkling of chives.
$12.50 - -
Garlic and Chili Prawn Pizza
Sweet Thai chili pizza base with prawns, spinach, and roasted garlic. Topped with a seafood marinara sauce.
$13.00 - -
Seafood Pizza
Seafood marinara mix including mussels, shrimp, squid, and clams. Topped off with seafood sauce.
$12.00 - -
Porto Fino Pizza
Bacon, sliced mushrooms, and prawns.
$12.00 - -

Lamb Pizza

Mediterranean Lamb Pizza
Lemon and herb marinated lamb on a chutney base topped with feta and red onions.
$12.50 - -
Canterbury Roast Lamb Pizza
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in lemon and herbs, with an array of oven roasted seasonal vegetables, a dash of rosemary, and mint sauce.
$12.50 - -
Lambada Pizza
Succulent lamb pieces. Served with roasted red poppers, feta cheese, sliced tomato, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic, herbs, and minted yogurt.
$13.50 - -

Chicken Pizza

Chicken and Cranberry Pizza (Chicken Pizza) $12.50 - -
Apricot Chicken Pizza
Combination of chicken, tomato, mushrooms, celery, and topped pf with Spags apricot sauce.
$12.50 - -
Thai Chicken Pizza
Chicken with Thai sweet chili sauce, diced capsicum, and onions.
$12.50 - -
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken, bacon, capsicum, onions, and topped with Spags BBQ sauce.
$12.50 - -
Satay Chicken Pizza
Shredded chicken breast. Served with onion and capsicum. Finished with satay sauce and parsley.
$12.50 - -
Lime Chicken Pizza
Shredded chicken breast. Served with capsicum, red onion, and mild red peppers. Served with a wedge of lime and a mayonnaise swirl.
$13.50 - -


Beef Lasagne
Beef lasagne. Served hot in an individual oven dish.
$16.00 - -
Vegetable Lasagne
Vegetables layered between pasta sheets. Served with Napoletana sauce and a sprinkle of cheese.
$16.00 - -
Spagalimis Bolognaise (Pasta) $16.90 - -
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Served with spaghetti. A bolognaise sauce served with meatballs and garnished with parsley.
$16.90 - -


Baby Spinach Salad
Baby spinach leaves, red onion and sliced tomato served with balsamic vinegar.
$9.00 - -
Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce with Caesar dressing, croutons, bacon bits, and parmesan.
$14.90 - -
Mediterranean Salad
Mixed lettuce with feta, olives, red onion, roasted pepper, and French dressing.
$14.90 - -
Chickpea Salad
chickpeas, spinach leaf, tomato, red onion, parsley, cracked pepper, kalamata olives, sunflower seeds. Served with a honey mustard dressing on the side.
$19.00 - -


Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake
Cheesecake served with cream and a strawberry sauce drizzle.
$12.50 - -
Dessert Pizza (Desserts) $16.00 - -
Little Island Chocolate Organic Coconut Ice Cream
145ml Single Serve. Coconut Ice Cream.
$8.00 - -
Little Island Vanilla Bean Organic Coconut Ice Cream $8.00 - -
Little Island Coconut Caramel Organic Coconut Ice Cream $8.00 - -

Cold Drinks

Artesian Soda
Born out of a passion to provide a soda using some of the purest water available in New Zealand. 'Better water, better soda.' Cola, Lemonade, Orange or Raspberry.
$4.50 - -
330mL Softdrinks $4.50 - -
Keri Premium Orange Juice
One litre.
$6.50 - -
Schweppes Lemon Lime and Bitters
330mL Lemon Lime and Bitters
$5.50 - -
Schweppes Classic Ginger Beer
330mL Classic Ginger Beer
$5.50 - -
1.5L Coca Cola $6.00 - -
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750mls $9.50 - -
1.5L Sprite (Lemonade) $6.00 - -
1.5L Coca Cola No Sugar $6.00 - -


Brunch Pizza (Breakfast/Brunch) $18.50 - -
Keri Premium Orange Juice (Breakfast/Brunch) $6.50 - -
Artesian Soda (Breakfast/Brunch) $4.50 - -
Loaded Fries (Breakfast/Brunch) $16.00 - -
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750mls (Breakfast/Brunch) $9.50 - -
Polenta Chips (Breakfast/Brunch) $9.50 - -
Hemp Seed Pizza (Breakfast/Brunch) $14.00 - -
Little Island Chocolate Organic Coconut Ice Cream (Breakfast/Brunch) $8.00 - -
Little Island Coconut Caramel Organic Coconut Ice Cream (Breakfast/Brunch) $8.00 - -
Little Island Vanilla Bean Organic Coconut Ice Cream (Breakfast/Brunch) $8.00 - -
Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake (Breakfast/Brunch) $12.50 - -
Spags Hash Brown
Two single serve hash browns
$4.00 - -


Sweet & Sour Sauce
Spag's own very famous Sweet & Sour Sauce
$1.50 - -
BBQ Sauce $1.50 - -
Mayonnaise $1.50 - -
Garlic Aioli $1.50 - -
Sour Cream
Pottle of Sour Cream
$1.50 - -
Sweet Thai Chilli
A pottle of sweet thai chilli
$1.50 - -
Plum Sauce
A pottle of plum sauce
$1.50 - -
Plum Sauce (Sauces) $1.50 - -
Satay Sauce $1.50 - -
Balsamic Vinegar $1.50 - -

Single-Use Items

Cutlery $0.00 - -
Straw $0.00 - -
Napkins $0.00 - -

Hundy - Helping you get back to Hundy

Hundy - Helping you get back to Hundy
Big nights often mean tough mornings. Hundy's active ingredients, including amino acids, vitamin B12 and the herbal extract of the Japanese Raisin Tree, help you get back to Hundy in record time. 2 x Capsules.
$12.00 - -
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