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Updated on: October 30, 2022
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Average Item Price: $6.86
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Item Price Change


Bacon & Cheddar
classic mac, chopped bacon and pie crust topping
$10.03 +$0.02 +0.20%
Classic Mac
creamy cheddar sauce on shells and pie crust topping
$8.80 +$0.01 +0.11%
Ladled Lobster
classic mac, lobster bisque and pie crust topping
$10.97 +$0.02 +0.18%
Avocado Mash
classic mac, pico de gallo and mashed avocado
$10.27 -$0.01 -0.10%
Baja Mac $11.55 - -


Chicken Caesar
romaine, parmesan, house-made croutons, caesar dressing
$6.85 - -

Top Menu Items

Lobster Bisque Soup
Mellow and real-cream soup with lobster, crawfish, butter, and a hint of sherry.
$6.42 - -


Bottled Soda $2.86 +$0.02 +0.70%
Bubly $2.33 +$0.03 +1.30%
Soda $1.87 -$0.03 -1.58%
Pure Leaf Tea $3.16 +$0.01 +0.32%
Bottled Water $2.44 +$0.04 +1.67%


full-husk brown rice, ancient grains, chicken, romaine, corn and black bean salsa, pickled red onions, pico de gallo, roasted jalapeno ranch dressing
$11.21 -$0.03 -0.27%
riced cauliflower, chicken, chopped bacon, roasted sweet potatoes, diced beets, brussel sprouts, maple chiplote vinaigrette
$10.78 -$0.16 -1.46%


Broccoli Cheddar
Creamy vegetable soup with fresh broccoli, mild cheddar cheese, garlic, carrots, celery and onions.
$7.18 -$0.03 -0.42%
Chicken Potpie
Creamy chicken soup with mixed vegetables and garnished with crumbled pie crust.
$6.97 +$0.11 +1.60%
Chicken Potpie Soup
Creamy chicken soup with mixed vegetables and garnished with crumbled pie crust. Comes with a big hunk of bread.
$5.99 - -
Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque
Creamy, grill-roasted tomato base with a medley of seasonal vegetables.
$7.09 -$0.09 -1.25%
Broccoli Cheddar Soup $6.32 - -
Lobster Bisque
Mellow, real-cream soup with lobster, crawfish, butter and a hint of sherry.
$7.45 +$0.06 +0.81%
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Roasted chicken in tomato broth with chilies, red and green peppers, corn and seasonings. Garnished with corn tortilla strips. (Low Fat, Dairy Free, Made with Gluten Free Ingredients)
$6.41 - -
Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle
Brothy chicken soup with sweet peas, carrots, celery and onions. Garnished with wide egg noodles.
$6.29 - -


Southwest Turkey Sandwich
Sliced turkey, pepper Jack, tomato, and chipotle mayonnaise. Toasted on country French.
$6.81 -$1.01 -12.92%
Maple Bacon Ham
swiss, maple aioli
$7.39 +$0.16 +2.21%
Chicken Toscana Sandwich
Grilled chicken, provolone, roasted red peppers, marinated red onion, and basil mayo. Toasted on country French.
$7.57 -$0.79 -9.45%
Zesty Chicken Bacon
provolone, marinated onions, sun-dried tomato mayo, pesto
$6.96 -$0.02 -0.29%
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
melty sharp white cheddar on grilled cheesy bread
$9.28 -$0.01 -0.11%
Grilled Cheese Dippers
melty sharp white cheddar on grilled cheesy bread strips served with a side of Classic Farmstead Tomato soup
$11.56 -$0.01 -0.09%


Roasted Veggie Wrap (Sandwich)
Cheddar, mushrooms, red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, spring mix, basil mayo, balsamic vinaigrette. Served on a multigrain wrap.
$6.45 - -
Turkey and Bacon Club Sandwich
Sliced turkey, hickory smoked bacon, Swiss, tomato, and mayonnaise. Toasted on country French.
$7.65 -$1.52 -16.58%
Cali Chicken (Sandwich)
chicken, roasted red peppers, sharp white cheddar, mashed avocado, roasted jalapeno ranch
$8.24 - -
Pesto Cheese (Sandwich)
sharp white cheddar, provolone, crumbled feta, tomato and pesto served on a grilled cheesy bread
$7.13 - -

Popular Items

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine, grilled chicken, shaved Parmesan, and croutons. Served with caesar dressing and comes with a big hunk of bread.
$5.60 +$0.05 +0.90%
Classic Chicken Caesar
Romaine, Parmesan, house-made croutons, caesar dressing. Calories 90-140.
$5.93 -$0.04 -0.67%
Chicken Bacon Cobb
Romaine, gorgonzola, egg, tomatoes, and avocado ranch dressing.
$6.50 - -
Pesto 3-Cheese Sandwich
Cheddar, pepper Jack, provolone, tomatoes and pesto. Served on stone-baked ciabatta.
$5.57 +$0.23 +4.31%
Chicken Pot Pie Soup $5.51 +$0.09 +1.66%


Cranberry Almond Sonoma
romaine, spinach, gorgonzola, raspberry vinaigrette
$6.01 +$0.02 +0.33%
Cranberry Almond Sonoma Salad
Romaine, spring mix, gorgonzola, dried cranberries, and toasted almonds. Served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing and comes with a big hunk of bread.
$5.58 +$0.01 +0.18%
Fiesta Chicken
romaine, chicken, pico de gallo, corn and black bean salsa, mashed avocado, tortilla strips, squeeze of lime, chipotle ranch
$7.66 +$0.04 +0.52%
Garden Veggie
romaine, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, house-made croutons, ranch dressing
$5.81 +$0.02 +0.35%

Desserts & Sides

Extra French Bread $0.46 - -
Extra 5-Grain Bread $0.45 - -

Picked For You

Chicken & Bacon Cobb
romaine, chicken, gorgonzola, egg, tomatoes, bacon, mashed avocado, ranch dressing
$7.21 -$0.05 -0.69%
Roasted Chickpea & Hummus
romaine, spinach, roasted chickpeas, feta, hummus, tomatoes, pickled carrots, sunflower seeds, lemon vinaigrette
$7.80 - -


Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.30 +$0.01 +0.44%
French Bread $0.59 +$0.01 +1.72%
Chocolate Chunk Brownie $2.61 +$0.01 +0.38%
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.30 +$0.06 +2.68%
Chips $1.74 +$0.02 +1.16%
Bread Boule $4.35 +$0.03 +0.69%

Grain Bowls

Avocado "Toast"
ancient grains, lively greens, avocado, everything bagel seasoning, feta cheese, pickled carrots, pickled onion, tomato, housemade croutons, and lemon vinaigrette
$12.21 -$0.01 -0.08%
Buffalo Chicken
full-husk brown rice, ancient grains, chicken, lively greens, gorgonzola, pickled carrots, pickled red onions, mashed avocado, smokey buffalo ranch
$11.93 +$0.01 +0.08%
Chicken Bowlrito
full-husk brown rice, ancient grains, chicken, lively greens, corn & black bean salsa, pickled red onions, pico de gallo, squeeze of lime, roasted jalapeno ranch dressing
$12.23 -$0.01 -0.08%
Mediterranean Chickpea
full-husk brown rice, chicken, roasted chickpeas, lively greens, tomatoes, pickled carrots, feta, hummus, squeeze of lemon, tzatziki sauce
$11.48 +$0.27 +2.41%

Power Bowls

Kale Chicken Caesar
parmesan, carrots, sunflower seeds, house-made croutons, caesar dressing.
$7.63 +$0.13 +1.73%
Citrus Garbanzo
romaine, feta, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, lemon vinaigrette
$7.67 +$0.07 +0.92%

Broth Bowls

Zesty Chicken and Lime
chicken bone broth, ancient grains, chicken, southwest pico de gallo, corn & black bean salsa, fresh cilantro, tortilla strips, squeeze of lime
$12.13 +$0.02 +0.17%
Lemon Roasted Vegetable
savory vegan broth, roasted chickpeas, ancient grains, lively greens, fiery broccoli, roasted mushrooms, pickled carrots, scallions, lemon vinaigrette
$11.72 +$0.02 +0.17%
Spicy Chicken and Broccoli
chicken bone broth, full-husk brown rice, chicken, fiery broccoli, pickled carrots, roasted mushrooms, roasted jalapenos, cilantro, spicy korean chili sauce
$12.47 +$0.21 +1.71%

Build Your Own Bowl

BYO Bowl $11.22 +$0.02 +0.18%


Fudge Brownie $2.62 +$0.01 +0.38%
Marshmallow Bar $2.91 - -
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About Zoup!

There's a reason why the Zoup! brand has an exclamation point – the soups are actually delicious aside from being filling and satisfying! Since its first restaurant was opened in 1998 in Southfield, Michigan, the chain has opened more restaurants until there are now nearly 90 in the United States and Canada. The demand for fresh and refreshing soups apparently don't have boundaries.

The Zoup! prices are so reasonable that your exclamation will be one of delighted surprise. The range of great-tasting soups appeals to virtually all customers with their specific dining needs and wants in soups. The choices include regular soups, as well as vegetarian, low-fat, gluten-free and dairy-free choices for people with special dietary needs. Most of the soups are also served with a freshly baked bread roll.

Such is the great quality of the soups that these have been praised by several publications including FOX Business, Nation's Restaurant News, and Bloomberg Businessweek. For people who are still undecided about their choice in soups, the restaurants also offer free samples.

Above are the latest Zoup! menu prices.

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