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The Golden Corral prices are family-friendly in the sense that an entire family can dine out without shooting the budget. The chain of family-style restaurants has locations in 41 states while its headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner items in an all-you-can-eat buffet setting so waiting times can be reduced. The grill section offers several hot and cold dishes, as well as a carving station where an abundance of meats can be enjoyed. The chain's Brass Bell Bakery serves a wide range of baked goods, such as sweet and savory breads.

The Golden Corral specializes in premium USDA sirloin steaks, which are usually on the dinner menu and which are aged perfectly. These steaks are loved by regular patrons for their delicious flavors and juicy texture. The buffet also has more than 150 dishes and desserts including pot roast, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, omelets, griddle sausages and bacon, and specialty salads.

Below are the latest Golden Corral menu prices.

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Friday-Sunday, 8am-11am (Includes Coffee)
Senior (Age 60 and Over) - Breakfast $8.99
Adult - Breakfast $9.49
Kids (Age 9 to 12) - Breakfast $7.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) - Breakfast $5.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two - Breakfast $0.00


Monday-Friday, 10:45am-4pm
Senior (Age 60 and Over) - Lunch $8.79
Adult - Lunch $9.29
Kids (Age 9 to 12) - Lunch $6.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) - Lunch $5.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two - Lunch $0.00


Monday-Thursday, 4pm-9:30pm
Senior (Age 60 and Over) - Dinner $13.49
Adult - Dinner $13.99
Kids (Age 9 to 12) - Dinner $6.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) - Dinner $5.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two - Dinner $0.00

Premium Dinner

Friday and Saturday 4pm to Close, Sunday 11am-Close
Senior (Age 60 and Over) - Premium Dinner $13.99
Adult - Premium Dinner $14.49
Kids (Age 9 to 12) - Premium Dinner $7.99
Kids (Age 4 to 8) - Premium Dinner $6.99
Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two - Premium Dinner $0.00


Fountain Drinks, Tea & Coffee $2.29
Fountain Drink (32 oz.) $2.79
Water Bottle $1.79


Take-Out - Breakfast (1 lb.) $5.99
Take-Out - Lunch Mon-Fri (1 lb.) $4.99
Take-Out - Dinner and All Day Sat and Sun (1 lb.) $7.99
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