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The chain of Burger King restaurants in the United Kingdom are making a killing! This isn’t surprising as the combination of affordable prices and delectable food attracts the hordes of hungry customers. Plus, these restaurants also offer a step up from the usual fast-food place in terms of ambiance, service and facilities.

Every Burger King restaurant attracts the crowds during the breakfast and lunch hours although there’s also a crowd during dinner hours. The menu obviously centers on flame-grilled burgers, the item upon which the chain has built its name on, including the Whopper Sandwich, Bacon King, Steak House, Angus Classic, Long Chili Cheese, and Long Pepperoni. Don’t worry too much about the calories as these are all shareables, not to mention worth every bite.

The menu also features items like Crispy & Tender Chicken (BLT Chicken Wrap, Chicken Royale, and Chicken Nuggets), Veggie, Fish & Salad (King Fish, Veggie Bean Burger, and Garden Side Salad), and Breakfast (Bacon King Muffin). There are also sweet treats, drinks, and sides that will definitely fill up your tank.

Below are the latest Burger King (UK) menu prices.

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Item Price

Flame Grilled Burgers

All meals include Regular Fries and Regular Soft Drink.

Whopper £4.89
Whopper (Meal) £6.99
Double Whopper £5.99
Double Whopper (Meal) £7.99
Steakhouse Burger £5.29
Steakhouse Burger (Meal) £7.99
Make it a Double Steakhouse Burger £1.00
Angus Burger £5.69
Angus Burger (Meal) £7.99
Bacon Double Cheese XL £5.69
Bacon Double Cheese XL (Meal) £7.99
Bacon Double Cheeseburger £4.69
Bacon Double Cheeseburger (Meal) £6.99
Big King XL £5.59
Big King XL (Meal) £7.99

Crispy & Tender Chicken

All meals include Regular Fries and Regular Soft Drink.

Chicken Royale £4.79
Chicken Royale (Meal) £6.99
Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale £5.59
Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale (Meal) £7.89
Chicken Tendercrisp £5.59
Chicken Tendercrisp (Meal) £7.69
Texas BBQ Tendercrisp £5.59
Texas BBQ Tendercrisp (Meal) £7.99
King Fish £3.99
King Fish (Meal) £5.49
Chicken Strips (2 Pc.) (Meal) £3.99
Chicken Strips (4 Pc.) (Meal) £5.89
Chicken Nuggets (6 Pc.) (Meal) £5.39
Chicken Nuggets (9 Pc.) (Meal) £6.39


Onion Rings (8 Pc.) (Regular) £1.99
Onion Rings (12 Pc.) (Large) £2.29
Onion Rings (16 Pc.) (Supersize) £2.49
Classic Fries (Small) £0.99
Classic Fries (Medium) £1.99
Classic Fries (Large) £2.29
Chicken Strips (2 Pc.) (1 Dip Pot) £2.69
Chicken Strips (4 Pc.) (1 Dip Pot) £4.19
Chicken Nuggets (6 Pc.) (1 Dip Pot) £3.49
Chicken Nuggets (9 Pc.) (1 Dip Pot) £4.49
Chicken Nuggets (20 Pc.) (1 Dip Pot) £5.59
Chili Cheese Bites (4 Pc.) £2.09
Chili Cheese Bites (6 Pc.) £2.59
Mozzarella Sticks (3 Pc.) £2.59
Mozzarella Sticks (5 Pc.) £3.49

Sweet Treats

Apple Pie Sticks (2 Pc.) £1.29
Hot Chocolate Brownie £2.69
Warm Belgian Waffle £2.69
Milk Shakes £2.59
Sundae £0.99

Veggie and Wraps

Veggie Bean Burger £6.49
BLT Wrap £5.89

King Jr. Meal for Kids

Includes one side, drink, and toy.

Chicken Nuggets (4 Pc.) £3.99
Hamburger £3.99
Cheeseburger £3.99
Chicken Burger £3.99
Veggie Burger £3.99
Fish Fingers (3 Pc.) £3.99


Soft Drinks (Small) £0.99
Soft Drinks (Regular) £1.99
Soft Drinks (Large) £2.19
Tropicana Orange Juice £2.09
Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice £1.89
Latte (Regular) £1.99
Latte (Large) £2.19
Cappuccino (Regular) £1.99
Cappuccino (Large) £2.19
Americano (Regular) £0.99
Americano (Large) £2.09
Hot Chocolate (Regular) £1.99
Hot Chocolate (Large) £2.39
Tea (Regular) £1.19
Tea (Large) £1.89
Bottled Water £1.89
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